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The Gets Results Resumes Testimonials

$95,000 Salary + Benefits as Senior Consultant
Achieved A $35,000 + Salary Increase

"The Gets Results Resume and Interview Coaching worked like magic. My previous resume had serious gaps in my work history, and before working with you, I wasn't even chosen for interviews.

"With my new resume, I got selected for my dream job almost instantly. With the interview coaching preparation, and my focused responses, I was successful in winning out over internal applicants.

"The new job is amazing. Thank You, Andrea!"

K.T., Toronto

$100,000 Salary + Benefits As Senior Marketing Consultant
Achieved A $40,000 + Salary Increase

"With your help, I am now doing the identical job I did before with a $40,000 salary increase.

"Naturally, there were a couple of steps inbetween. My former boss was truly exploiting me, and I knew it. I just couldn't take his disrespectful treatment anymore. And so I made the decision to repackage myself. Am I glad I did!

"The Gets Results Resume changed everything. Previously, I have been overlooked for senior positions because I didn't have an MBA. The new resume showed up my experience so well, I was able to overcome that hurdle. Coupled with The Gets Results Interview Coaching, I got my dream job. 

"I am so happy. Thanks for your caring and guidance."

O. K., Toronto

$110,000 + Benefits As
Senior IT Consultant
Dream Job

"I wanted to get out of the government sector and into private industry. This was a challenge. Although my credentials were great, private industry was not interested in my skill set. 

"This changed with The Gets Results Resume and Interview Coaching. I got my dream job. My employer later told me that my resume was their #1 choice out of 200 applicants.  In addition, I was so prepared for that interview, I got an immediate  job offer right in the first interview. Now that's impressive!

"All the preparation I did with you enabled me to be chosen for the position I desired. Thanks Andrea!"

A.R., Toronto

Vice Principal In The School Board System
Dream Job

"It has always been my dream to become a leader in the field of education. Although, following my experience as a teacher and learning specialist, I took the appropriate courses to be chosen as an administrator, I was not selected as a VP because of I did not get the go ahead following my screening interview.

There were many steps to get me where I am today. We reformatted my resume which I then resubmitted to the School Board. With your help, I repackaged the way I presented myself so that I was able to be chosen to be on the VP roster. 

The rest is history. My career is on an upward spiral as a result of your expertise and guidance. Many thanks.

R.K. Toronto

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