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* 1 Hour Get Results Resume Session
* 1 1/2 Hour Get Results Resume Session

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1 Hour Get Results Interview Coaching Session
* 1 1/2 Hour Get Results Interview Coaching Session 

Get Results Resumes and Get Results Interview Coaching can take place by phone or in person. Telephone sessions are equally effective as in-person sessions.

To optimize the results from a free 20 minutes Get Results Resume Phone Consultation, I will ask you to send me your current resume. We can then book the phone consultation at which time I will provide you with an assessment of your current resume based on your career goals and your desired salary.

Getting to your next level of career success requires that your resume reflects your expertise as fully as possible.
By creating a Gets Results Resume, you are making the decision to take charge of your career success and the salary you wish to earn, as opposed to hoping that your expertise will be discovered if you just work hard enough. 

Successful people make their success happen! As so many people have now discovered, you can make your success happen with The Gets Results Resume.  



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